Neworld Detox or Rehab: Which One Is the Best for You?

Neworld Detox or Rehab: Which One Is the Best for You?

How many addicts do you know started their recovery process themselves? Not many. Identifying the fact that you have some addiction problem and taking adequate steps about it takes a hell lot of courage on the part of the addict. Going to an alcohol detox centre London is the primary step that you can take the long journey towards recovery. If you do not have a medical background then it is fairly difficult for you to decide the right kind of treatment which can facilitate your recovery process.

What should you choose? Is detoxing right for you? Do you need rehab? Those are different or the same? These are some of the prevalent questions that jog your mind. Check the following information to know the details about both the methods. They will help you take the right decision.

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What Is Detox and What Is Rehab?

In most cases, the terms are used interchangeably. The aims of the procedures, however, are extremely different from each other. The primary focus of detox is to detoxify your body from the chemical substances which are creating a heavy imbalance. The concentration of this procedure lies entirely on the wellbeing of the body. Rehab, on the other hand, focuses more on the psychological effect of the drugs and the withdrawal symptoms on your body.

Offerings of a Detox Center

The methods and the style of treatment might vary from one alcohol detox centre London to another. However, after checking out the following information, you can have a general idea about this method.

Aim: As the name suggests, the aim of the process is to remove every type of toxic substances from your body. There are many home detox kits available in the market. It is wise to never use those kits. You should always do detox under the supervision of a medical expert. You can never know when things can take a wrong turn and you do not want yourself unsupervised at that point in time.

Time Taken:  In this method, your body will take 3 to 10 days to remove every kind of toxic substances. However, at that time you should always remain under the strict supervision of the professionals of a reputed detox centre.

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  • Less time: Through this method, with help of some specific medicines, the body removes all the toxic substances in a fairly low amount of time.
  • Reduces Pain and anxiety: The medications that are used in this method helps to alleviate the pain and discomfort of the withdrawal. The medicines also reduce the stress and anxiety level. The medicine helps to balance the neurochemicals of the body efficiently so that your body does not go in a hyperactive mode.
  • Boosts Immunity: The substances that you abuse often tatters the immunity system of your body. The specialized medicines that are used in these centres, helps your body to boost the immunity system of your body.
  • Lessen The Cravings: Though for a relatively short period of time, but, the medicines help to reduce the cravings of drugs and alcohol. The problem is that once the dose wears off, the cravings gain power. You need to take help of the therapists to gain control of those strong urges.

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Offerings of a Rehab

Just like the alcohol detox centre London, different rehabilitation centers offer different therapies to help the recovering addicts deal with the situation. Just check out the following information to know more about rehabilitation centers and what they offer to help the addicts return to normal life.

Aim: The aim of rehab is to make you deal with the psychological aspect of dependence. The centers often use counseling and therapy session to help the recovering addicts get a handle to the situation. Educating the patients is another way that the centers use to make the addicts work out the situation.

Time Taken: This procedure takes a long time. The aim of rehabs is to change your lifestyle holistically. Thus, the minimum period of time one addict has to spend in the rehab is 30 days. Depending on the emotional situation of the recovering person, the rehab time can lengthen.


  • Individualized Therapy: This is one of the most important benefits that a recovering person can have in rehab. This personalized time with a therapist can help the patients dig out the real reason behind their addiction. In these therapeutic sessions, they can start to create a routine for their future.
  • Psychiatric Services: Often a person starts to abuse the substances because they have some mental issues and do not know what to do. These services at the rehab help them to identify their mental problem. Often the patients’ first ever medication starts in the rehab centers. Suicidal thought and other types of self-harming impulses which are regular side effects of withdrawal can also be treated here.
  • Relapse Prevention Tool: Relapsing is the nightmare that every recovering addict has. The rehabilitation centers make sure that the patient has enough help to hang on. Using these tools which are provided at the rehabilitation centers, the patient can fight the urges of relapsing once they settle in the outside world.
  • Family Therapy: This is one of the most important parts of the rehab. If you have the love and support of your family, you can literally scale any type of problems. The therapists at rehab centers make sure that your family is accepting your addiction and providing you with the love that you deserve. They help you to strengthen your bond with your friends as well so that you get their full support even after the rehab time is over.
  • Engage In Therapeutic Activities: The rehab center makes you take part in activities such as hiking, swimming and exercising. All these will make you strong mentally and physically which will help you to block the intense urge to use the substances just one single time. Yoga and tai chi are also used to improve the mindfulness of the recovering person.

It is entirely up to you to decide which type of service you need for your recovery journey. Neworld detox centre London and rehabs have their own benefits. You can use either of them or both. The main thing that you should keep in mind is that recovery is not achieved overnight. It is a marathon that you have to have to run for the rest of your life.


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