Cannabis Does Not Damage the Brain in Actual

27 Aug

Cannabis Does Not Damage the Brain in Actual

A recent study published by two physicians tells how cannabis can be harmful to a developing brain. But that’s not the case. In this article, you will get to know that cannabis does not damage the brain and to maintain the record straight of the effects and potential benefits for young people exposed to cannabis.

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As several studies are showing cognitive side effects of THC, the latest studies have concluded a serious flaw in the study plans. The heavy dose of THC can result in acute impairment but researchers found that when cannabis is not taken more than 72 hrs, there is no proof of THC causing permanent cognitive effects. It takes more time for chronic cannabis users to exhaust the body of cannabinoid byproducts. Toronto cannabis clinic can offer you with the best advice and treatment to get rid of these drug habits.

The recent study of science on cannabinoids and brain health is painting a different image. Some early researches prove that cannabis with chemotherapy contracts brain tumors better than chemotherapy treatment. While other studies conclude that (CBD) can remove seizures and save the brain from oxidative strain and inflammation. A recent Israel study concluded that autistic children who use CBD have improved 80% in symptoms with fewer side effects. Studies in rats have declared that the use of THC reduces brain plaques, the cause of Alzheimer’s and that older mice had shown much improvement in cognitively demanding activities. Some studies show bad impacts but it is not possible to make accurate conclusions with poor information, NIDA sponsored research and not having legal regulated products studied. You have to take the bad effects of cannabis in the context of continuous use of alcohol, opioids, tobacco and benzodiazepines which causes much harm to the society. Cannabis actually does not kill people, not like many other legal substances which are used in record numbers resulting in a large number of deaths in North America. People who are highly prone to cannabis can seek help from Toronto cannabis clinic who can properly guide you to get rid of these harmful drugs.

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The argument that cannabis is harmful to the brain is not true, fear-mongering is not beneficial to educate cannabis consumers on the correct risk-benefit profile. Fixing up the legal age of 25 will not stop young people from using cannabis. It will only criminalize them without becoming meaningful contributors for society. It will also take them to black market items which are unregulated, grown with poisonous pesticides and sold by people dealing with many harmful or addictive substances. If you wish to save the youngsters from the harmful effects of drug use, then one should accept the cannabis legalization as a harm reduction plan. The other ideal option will be consulting Toronto cannabis clinic for best therapies and guidance which can take you away from this harmful drug consumption. If you don’t have any reason to consume cannabis, better to avoid it. If you do, then make use of the regulated product, greater in CBD and in lower quantities and seek proper medical advice from Toronto cannabis clinic.